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ICYMI – Los Angeles Times: “Nonprofit plans to transform a former oil drilling site in South L.A. into affordable housing”

In Case You Missed It: Today the Campaign for a Safe and Healthy California (CSHC) circulated a recent article from the  LA Times  about the long-term battle of an LA-based group, Redeemer Community Partnership, to shut down a toxic oil drilling site in a local neighborhood.

The article highlights the devastating health impacts on communities of color of toxic oil and gas wells in neighborhoods.

CSHC is working to KEEP THE LAW (SB 1137), signed into law by Governor Newsom to make oil wells within 3,200 feet of homes, schools, day care centers, parks and healthcare facilities safer and prohibit new wells within the zone. Voters will have an opportunity to vote on a referendum in November 2024 asking whether to “Keep the Law” or “Overturn the Law,” that was enacted to protect the health of California communities.

Excerpts from the article:

“Oil wells are known to emit carcinogens such as benzene and formaldehyde, and living near wells is associated with health problems such as respiratory issues and preterm births, studies have found.”

In 2013, environmental justice advocates with Redeemer Community Partnership began organizing after the oil company requested permits by the city of Los Angeles to drill three new wells.

Parks remembered knocking on residents’ doors and hearing concerning stories about the nearby oil facility: One woman was sprayed with oil while she watered her front lawn. The noxious smells of diesel exhaust and petroleum fumes permeated through a toddler’s room even with the windows closed. Others complained of headaches and nosebleeds, and miscarriages were commonplace, he recalled.”

CSHC Campaign endorsers include public health groups, community and faith organizations, and environmental justice leaders from across California, working to hold oil companies accountable for creating a public health crisis, especially for communities of color.

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