Sign On: Protect California Neighborhoods From Toxic Oil Drilling!

As Californians, we believe everyone deserves clean air and healthy neighborhoods. But Big Oil is drilling dangerously close to the homes of two million people—and putting them at higher risk of asthma, birth defects and cancer. Exposing our children to toxic pollution for profit is just wrong.

That’s why in 2022, California banned Big Oil from drilling in our neighborhoods. But rather than doing the minimum to keep us safe, Big Oil is trying to hijack our democracy and overturn the law.

The Campaign for a Safe and Healthy California is a grassroots team of Californians uniting to protect where we live, work, go to school, and play from dangerous oil wells. The only way we can beat Big Oil’s millions of dirty dollars is with grassroots people-power—we need you.

Sign your name to stand with us against Big Oil and keep this common-sense law in November 2024! 

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