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Campaign for a Safe and Healthy California Files Ballot Measure to Protect Communities from Toxic Oil Drilling

SACRAMENTO – Today the Campaign for a Safe and Healthy California (CSHC), representing public health groups, community and faith organizations, and environmental justice leaders from across California, announced they have filed their own ballot measure to stand up to the deceptive referendum campaign being run by the oil and gas industry.

Below please find a statement from the campaign:

“No matter the cost, Big Oil is trying to overturn California law and keep their toxic oil drilling next to California schools, hospitals, and neighborhoods - regardless of the cost of their pollution to public health,” said Martha Dina Argüello, Executive Director of Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR-LA). “We won’t let them continue their deception because we know first-hand the devastating impacts of oil drilling next-door to where people live, particularly for the elderly, pregnant mothers and children. That’s why we’re keeping all options on the table to get the truth out about protecting Californians from Big Oil’s greed and underhanded multi- million dollar campaign of toxic deception.

Press Contact:

Robin Swanson, (916) 204-6890