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Campaign for a Safe and Healthy California announces endorsement from Heal the Bay

SACRAMENTO – Today the Campaign for a Safe and Healthy California (CSHC) announced a new endorsement from Heal the Bay.  Heal the Bay works with diverse communities to protect our coastline, restore our waterways, and speak out for clean water policy across our watersheds.

“We are in strong support of the historic law that was passed to stop toxic oil drilling in areas near schools, hospitals, homes, and neighborhoods,” said Heal the Bay President and CEO Tracy Quinn “We look forward to supporting the Campaign for a Safe and Healthy California as we work to KEEP THE LAW on the November 2024 ballot. We won’t allow Big Oil to turn back the clock – everyone deserves access to clean air and water.”  

CSHC is working to hold Big Oil accountable in November 2024 by running a campaign to KEEP THE LAW (SB 1137) that prohibits new oil wells within 3,200 feet of homes, schools, day care centers, parks, healthcare facilities and businesses. Keeping this law will also require that existing wells meet important health, safety and environmental safeguards.  

Campaign endorsers include public health groups, community and faith organizations, and environmental justice leaders from across California, working to hold oil companies accountable for creating a public health crisis, especially for communities of color.

About Heal the Bay: Heal the Bay is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 1985.They use science, education, community action, and advocacy to fulfill their mission to protect coastal waters and watersheds in Southern California with a particular focus on public health, climate change, biodiversity, and environmental justice. Heal the Bay Aquarium, located at the Santa Monica Pier, welcomes 100,000 guests annually and hosts a variety of public programs and events that highlight local environmental issues and solutions. Learn more at and follow @healthebay on social media.

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