Fight Big Oil For Californians’ Health

The Campaign for a Safe and Healthy California is fighting to protect our neighborhoods from toxic oil drilling and uphold the 2022 law (SB1137) passed by the Legislature. This law prohibits toxic oil drilling within 3,200 feet of healthcare facilities, homes, schools, day care centers, parks, and businesses.

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Research shows that living near an oil well increases the risk of asthma, birth defects, high risk pregnancies, respiratory illnesses and cancer, and that the risks are greatest within half a mile.

Today, more than two million Californians are exposed to the most toxic emissions, and communities of color are harmed the most by neighborhood drilling.

Creating a buffer separating industrial oil operations from healthcare facilities, day care centers, schools, parks and homes is just common sense.

Devastating Impact On Children’s Health

The continued operation of these toxic oil drilling facilities destroys communities and poisons future generations. Kids are one of the most vulnerable populations in the zones near these sites. 

There are nearly half a million children under 18 in California who live and learn within half a mile of oil and gas operations.

Here are some of the terrifying research results about the negative impacts toxic oil wells have on our youngest generations:

We need to protect the health of our children and our communities by stopping Big Oil from overturning the law Californians passed last year to keep toxic oil drilling away from health care facilities, schools, and homes. 

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